Empire, No More

by Brent Holcomb

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released September 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Brent Holcomb Fort Worth, Texas

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Track Name: Empire, No More
The morning comes
The night decays
The watchmen leave their stations
The grave is burst
The bones of death that lay heavy, unawakened
They wake
They breathe
Reviving shake
Invoking movement
Breathing an awakening
Blameless men
Held captive by their dreams
Whose bonds and bars are breaking
They wake
They breathe
This was the end of all places and the last of all worlds
The end of all places and the last of all worlds
Empty air
Hopeless faces
Shut up in darkness and in sighing
From cloudy dreams
Awake, my soul, and sing!
They look behind with every step believing it's a dream
The sun has left the darkness and found a brighter morning
Fair moon, Rejoice!
Your cloudless night is not a dream
Empire is no more
The Lion and Wolf shall cease
Track Name: Desert
I was born in a Desert
Barren and bone dry
I tumbled into this desert out of darkness
From some bloodline
The wind put me together
From particles of stardust
Breathed some life into me, then left me here
No one to trust

I was raised on mythology
I drank the blood of a man
Consumed his broken body
To keep me out of this sinner's wasteland
I make my home here anyway
What do you know?
It's just as dark and lonely as I was told
Just as harsh, bitter and cold

I was born in a desert
But I'll escape to a sea
I'm not gonna stay here and be dragged to hell
If I don't have to be
I'll be a Free Man in Paris
I'm sitting in some cafe
My father and my dear mother
They're crying somewhere, miles away...
In a Desert
Track Name: Trophy Wife
These words were yours
You left them blank
This song was always yours to take
You gave me one line, then you left
I waited three year's time for empty words that don't impress:
"I guess it's for the best."

My heart grows cold when my mind wanders
Remember when our hearts were full of thunder?
Those days have all but slipped away
What's left of your bold, black ink...it's fading grey

These words were yours
You betrayed them
Like you betrayed me, like you'll betray him
I gave you the beat...the rhyme...the rhythm
You disappeared the second that you heard yourself in them
Track Name: Mountains
The highest mountain, as clear as you can see
As clear as your mind once was
As clear as my mind once was
I'm in that cabin at night inside my dreams
As warm as my heart once was
When we were together, you and me

My faintest memories, these pictures of you
They came back in black and white
I remember greens and blues
The flame is gone now
Who could've known it would expire?
I close my eyes and I remember
When these embers were a fire

I felt a presence there, there was music in those trees
We had each other
We had private seats to a forest symphony

You lit a candle and stole my heart
In that fleeting moment my future wasn't shaded so dark
You lit a candle and stole my heart

And in December, our cabin's covered with snow
But the fire burns within
Our fire burns within
Track Name: When Love Came
"Pack your bags, time to leave now...goodbye."
That's all you hear
Were there more words?
You can't be sure
Seem to have fallen on deaf ears
You couldn't stay there
Without a hope, without one prayer
Now your asking me if I can take you in
And so it begins

Your worst days, the heartache, all the pain-
It goes away
Don't be afraid
You'll be okay
You can't fix those past mistakes
You can come here
To this weekend house
Bringing these questions on yourself

In this trade, the winds change faster than anything you could say
But in your case, draw those shades
Know that your world isn't grey
You can stay here
Find what's more important now
You're so much greater than you tell yourself

When love came, the heartache and the heartbreak and the pain-
It went away
Track Name: Tears
May these tears, may they reach you tonight
Wherever you are
May they travel miles and miles
To show you what, to show you what you've done
This was the end for you
But for me it had just begun

When you said, when you said that you loved me
Did you mean it?
Or did you just want my money?
The fact that I, the fact that I don't know
What does that say for us?
There's really nowhere left to go

But these tears, may they reach you tonight
Wherever you are
May they travel miles and miles
So that you feel, you feel what I feel too
This is the end of us
This is me without you